Monday, June 27, 2016


European union Crisis is fueling by Christian Club vs Islamic Club confrontation for past dedicates. EU had been observed as they were hesitated in accepting Islamic countries to joint but somehow the Greece leader said that EU is Christian Club! That is an atmosphere of discrimination of Islam vs Christian among EU members. Several millions Muslim migrants into EU and USA force the EU to cope with humanitarians and security budget more allocation with their "empty" government pockets. EU members then borrow money from the EU central bank. They could not pay back on time, that is the EU debt crisis--- it is failure of new colonization style of the European states over developing countries. If those states can not pay interest, how can EU/NATO force them to pay back interest?

As result, the UK politicians must encourage their voters to leave EU 's umbrella for better coping position in counter to : Illegal Muslim migration into EU, USA and UK ; and to free from EU pressure over human rights ( Muslim, Christianity... are living in the same rights)      
List Empire and Dynasty

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