Monday, March 28, 2016

South Korea Install Counter-Artillery (Missiles)

The minister of National Defense of South Korea had informed to citizen of an installation of " Counter missile system, Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar, abbreviated C-RAM or Counter-RAM, is a set of systems used to detect and/or destroy incoming artillery, rockets and mortar rounds in the air before they hit their ground targets, or simply provide early warning.

C-RAM is effectively a land version of weapons such as the Phalanx CIWS radar-controlled rapid-fire gun for close in protection of vessels from missiles.

C-RAM is an initiative taken in response to an operational needs statement made by the Multinational Force Iraq (MNF-I). The directive arose in response to the increasing number of casualties caused by attacks using rockets, artillery, and mortars in Iraq. The land-based Phalanx B was subsequently deployed in Iraq in the summer of 2004. It protected the Green Zone and Camp Victory in Baghdad, Joint Base Balad near Balad, Iraq, and was also deployed by the British Army in southern Iraq.

sample of those weapon system

North Korea -South Korea

North Korea had conducted multiple rocket launchers at long range distance of which capable to attack an enemies inside the South Korea territory (The US Forces in South Korea). Inter- Trade of North and South Korea accounted for 2.5 billions dollars in 2015 will drop down to $0 in the year 2016 as result of "economic penalty" to the North. 
This is a picture of North Korea Missles North Korea had alerted to embassies and consulates to depart from North Korea. A list of those bodies in Pyongyang are:

  1. Brazil
  2.  Brunei
  3.  Bulgaria
  4.  Cambodia
  5.  China
  6.  Cuba
  7.  Czech Republic
  8.  Egypt
  9.  Germany
  10.  India
  11.  Indonesia
  12.  Iran
  13.  Laos
  14.  Malaysia
  15.  Mongolia
  16.  Nigeria
  17.  Pakistan
  18.  Palestine
  19.  Poland
  20.  Romania
  21.  Russia
  22.  Sweden
  23.  Syria
  24.  United Kingdom
  25.  Vietnam
  26.  China
  27.  Russia
  28. Switzerland

Friday, March 25, 2016


(REUTER) Six Chinese nationals were wounded in a bus shooting in northern Laos on Wednesday, the official Xinhua news agency said, the latest flare-up of violence affecting Chinese in the country as Beijing extends its economic influence in Southeast Asia.

The victims included passengers and drivers of the bus, which was traveling from Kunming, the capital of China's southwestern Yunnan province, to Vientiane, the Laotian capital, Xinhua quoted Chinese embassy officials as saying.

The bus was shot at by unidentified gunmen on a road in Kasi, Vientiane province, Xinhua said. A total of 25 passengers and three drivers were on the bus, and the six injured Chinese men were sent to hospital.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China had been in contact with Laos.

"The Chinese side has launched representations to the Laos side, requesting it to pay close attention and investigate clearly the relevant incident and also take measures to severely punish the assailants and protect the safety of Chinese citizens," Hua said.

On March 1, a Chinese national was killed and three wounded in an attack by unidentified militants on a Chinese-backed company in Laos's northern Luang Prabang province, according to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In January, two Chinese were killed and one wounded in a bomb attack on a bus in remote Xaysomboun province in Laos.

Relations between China and Laos have focused mainly on trade and aid, particularly in infrastructure development. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday said China would offer $11.5 billion in loans and credit to five Southeast Asian countries including Laos for infrastructure and other projects.

(Reporting by Jessica Macy Yu; Editing by Nick Macfie)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Wikipedia: On the morning of 22 March 2016, three coordinated bombings occurred in Belgium: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem and one at Maalbeek metro station in Brussels. In these attacks, at least 31 victims and two suicide bombers were killed, and 250 other people were injured. An assault rifle and a third bomb were found during a search of the airport. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks. The bombings were the deadliest act of terrorism to occur in Belgium. The Belgian government declared three days of national mourning.

The use of nail bombs had been confirmed by many sources as saying: The bomb was later destroyed in a controlled explosion. Belgium's federal prosecutor confirmed that the explosions with nail bombs were carried out by a suicide bomber. They raided the home and found a nail bomb, chemicals, and an ISIL flag.

Problem: There were no electromagnetic sensor nor the metal detectors install at Airport or Nail Bombs were free from "detection system"?


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Part Of Russian Troop Departed From Syria

Russia is one of the five UN Security 's permanent members for almost 50 years but rarely function  for peace making/peace  keeping as mandated in the UN security tasks. Last couple years back, Russia had playing significant role in saving Basad Al Assad, the Syrian president, by sending rapidly intelligents and soldiers to the areas. Putin was too late in " Saving" the President of Libya, this is a big mistake in either public relations or international relations as part of Military-Civilian Affairs Office.

Russia troop withdrawal partly from Syria address of positive political approach: the mission of saving Assad is successfully completed; the mission for destroying of terrorist group ( Chechen) also ended; and Russia had victory in installing intercontinental ballistic  nuclear missile along NATO borders.