Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thailand Military builds Preah Vihear temple replica

As Cambodia had not reopened access to Preah Vihear Temple from "Thai" side of the border, the Thai Military hopes the smaller version will attract tourists....Bangkok Post said.

The Phreah Vihea replica aims to send message to Cambodia that Thailand is now ready to jointly develop the dispute area........

Cause of conflict: 

Cambodia had been consulting to the Franco-Siam Treaty 1904 and 1907
The ICJ had been looking to the the Franco-Siam Treaty 1904 and 1907
Thailand said there had no "Siam" anymore, only Thailand.


An indigenous War among Thais, Siamese, Chinese, Muslim, Sino-Thais, Thai-Siamese blood impact to Cambodia negatively and it need special attention of the UN Security Council.
 Here list of ethic in Thailand.

List of Population in today Thailand.
An ethnography and demography science help military science in making analysis for solving related problem. This is an alphabetical list of ethnic group in today Thailand by 2015
  1. Aheu Luang  900 
  2. Akeu  400 
  3. Akha  57,000 
  4. Americans, U.S.  20,000 
  5. Anglo-Australian  2,200 
  6. Anglo-New Zealander  700 
  7. Bisu  700 
  8. British  43,000 
  9. Bru, Western  24,000 
  10. Bulang  1,300 
  11. Burmese  201,000 
  12. Cham, Western  4,500 
  13. Chong  600 
  14. Deaf 
  15. Eurasian  56,000 
  16. French  4,000 
  17. Han Chinese, Cantonese  38,000 
  18. Han Chinese, Hainanese  8,000 
  19. Han Chinese, Hakka  77,000 
  20. Han Chinese, Min Bei  14,000 
  21. Han Chinese, Min Nan  1,456,000 
  22. Hmong Daw  35,000 
  23. Hmong Njua  65,000 
  24. Huay  600 
  25. Hui  74,000 
  26. Iu Mien  44,000 
  27. Japanese  14,000 
  28. Jew, Thai Speaking  200 
  29. Karen, Bghai  2,100 
  30. Karen, Eastern Kayah  18,000 
  31. Karen, Kayah  21,000 
  32. Karen, Padaung  2,700 
  33. Karen, Pwo Rachaburi  2,800 
  34. Karen, Pwo, Eastern  55,000 
  35. Karen, Pwo, Northern  81,000 
  36. Karen, S'gaw  203,000 
  37. Kensiu  300 
  38. Khmer, Central  63,000 
  39. Khmer, Northern  1,414,000 
  40. Khmu  34,000 
  41. Kintaq  100 
  42. Korean  7,100 
  43. Kui  405,000 
  44. Lahu Na  31,000 
  45. Lahu Nyi  3,100 
  46. Lahu Shi  15,000 
  47. Lamet  200 
  48. Lao  18,000 
  49. Lao Ga  2,000 
  50. Lao Krang  56,000 
  51. Lao Lom  28,000 
  52. Lao Ngaew  34,000 
  53. Lao Phuan  203,000 
  54. Lao Song  35,000 
  55. Lao Ti  200 
  56. Lao Wieng  56,000 
  57. Lawa, Eastern  8,000 
  58. Lawa, Western  8,600 
  59. Lisu, Southern  40,000 
  60. Lua  6,800 
  61. Mal  4,800 
  62. Malay, Kedah  7,000 
  63. Malay, Melaju  697,000 
  64. Malay, Pattani  1,013,000 
  65. Mlabri  400 
  66. Moken  2,900 
  67. Moklen  4,300 
  68. Mon  117,000 
  69. Mpi  1,500 
  70. Nyahkur  1,600 
  71. Nyaw  59,000 
  72. Nyeu, Yeu  200 
  73. Nyong  14,000 
  74. Pa-O  800 
  75. Palaung, Pale  6,000 
  76. Phu Thai  476,000 
  77. Phunoi  14,000 
  78. Prai  20,000 
  79. Pray  42,000 
  80. Punjabi  61,000 
  81. Puoc  3,500 
  82. Rohingya  74,000 
  83. Saek  13,000 
  84. Samtao  100 
  85. Sinhalese  70,000 
  86. So  71,000 
  87. South Asian, Bengali-Speaking  34,000 
  88. Tai Bueng  6,300 
  89. Tai Dam  700 
  90. Tai Gapong  2,100 
  91. Tai Kaleun, Kaleung  8,500 
  92. Tai Khun  6,800 
  93. Tai Lue  89,000 
  94. Tai Man, Shan  96,000 
  95. Tai Wang  8,500 
  96. Tai Ya  1,000 
  97. Tamil  34,000 
  98. Tavoyan  500 
  99. Thai Islam, Central  2,532,000 
  100. Thai Islam, Southern  1,257,000 
  101. Thai, Central  19,278,000 
  102. Thai, Khorat  541,000 
  103. Thai, Northeastern, Isan សៀម (Siamese)  17,779,000 
  104. Thai, Northern  7,140,000 
  105. Thai, Southern  4,946,000 
  106. Thai, Tak Bai  21,000 
  107. Thai-Chinese ចិន 5,512,000 
  108. Tonga  300 
  109. Ugong  500 
  110. Urak Lawoi  1,900 
  111. Urdu  7,000 
  112. Vietnamese  119,000 
  113. Wa  6,700 
  114. Yoy  5,900 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Russia Radar Fara-1

Syrian Army had equipped with the Russia Fara-1 for automatic grenade launcher system

 Russian army use also close combat, weapons equipped by radar sights along with the optoelectronic sights.

     Radar sights work in centimetric and millimetric wave bands that make it possible detecting targets and providing weapons guidance at any time, in all weather conditions as well as smokescreen and dustiness of atmosphere.

     Portable Multiple Target Surveillance and Weapon Guidance Radar «Fara-1» (1L111) is used as a radar sight in the Russian Armed Forces and was adopted in 1999.
     Radar Sight Fara-1 is designed for moving land objects surveillance (single person, group of people, armoured vehicles) and guidance of automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 type, single and heavy machine guns such as Pecheneg and Kord.

     Weapons guidance at a moving target is fulfilled by operator at the signal maximum from the target reflection and with it the target range is determined by the radar indicator.
     The radar sight manpack set is a portable device carried by one person in the folded state behind an the pack.

     Radar sight works in continuous emission mode. Complex signal with double modulation is used for rain influence and flying birds avoidance in the radar near-field.
     Chief Designer: N.A. Zaitsev.

     Developer and manufacturer of sight - NPO Strela, Tula.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Court System

It is aims to comprehensive an In and  Out of Court System applying in our society.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


China has demonstrated a new fleet trade route to Europe that week. This is a new trade policy of China. China- EUROPE is much bigger than China-ASEAN. Cambodia's product will sell to Thailand ( Thailand Ports" and to Vietnam (Vietnam Ports).

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opening ICC

19 April 2016 – In The Hague, Netherlands, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today attended the official opening of the permanent premises of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which he called “a milestone in global efforts to promote and defend human rights and the rule of law.”

learning of an international court is studying part of international relations 

China tests ICBM

China: Beijing has successfully tested a new long-range ballistic missile capable of engaging any potential target worldwide. The rocket takes just 30 minutes to cover its maximum 12,000km range and can deliver multiple strikes on any nuclear-capable state.
Top 10 Deadliest Nuclear Missiles (ICBM) in the World

15th Defence Services Asia exhibition

More than 40 countries military officers around the globe had been attending to the Defence Services Asia exhibition in KL, Malaysia, where sellers and buyers identifying their needs. All of states had facing to problem of security and matter of safety of its people, that will impact negatively to voting result as of democracies leadership role. A poor defense service will result to poor counter terrorism, poor defense system and poor in human development index in general.

Defense Service Exhibition is not just serve to military branch ( army, navy, airforce) but also for the private or police force who working in defense and security environment.

South Korea Air Defense

자주대공포 '비호' 실사격 영상

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

China restricts North Korea Trade

China restricts North Korea trade over nuclear tests. This is an title at front page for most of printed and online newspapers. Local media sound happy with this kind of news by forward and comments to the post.

Aside from those ordinary people, media analysis, intelligent, International relations officers, war expert,...had been suggesting from the beginning that if China agreed to the US on trade sanction over North Korea, the US will concession the affairs of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Human Rights, China Vs Muslim and South China Sea by not or not much saying as usual. This is an "economic war": Last year, the world meet economic crisis due Singapore sponsored to protest in Hong Kong to down the market share value to China. This crisis will continue to 2016 as prediction. China export down figure from 2.28 trillion in 2014 to 2.15 trillion in 2015. Thus, China have no choice to pressure the North Korea but China will get much more profit from such Economic War and War for Energy in South China Sea.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

China Begins Operation of Lighthouse

China begins operation of lighthouse on artificial island in South China Sea. Lighthouse is lamp for direction 's show to navy. This China lighthouse is 55 meter high.