Wednesday, April 6, 2016

China restricts North Korea Trade

China restricts North Korea trade over nuclear tests. This is an title at front page for most of printed and online newspapers. Local media sound happy with this kind of news by forward and comments to the post.

Aside from those ordinary people, media analysis, intelligent, International relations officers, war expert,...had been suggesting from the beginning that if China agreed to the US on trade sanction over North Korea, the US will concession the affairs of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Human Rights, China Vs Muslim and South China Sea by not or not much saying as usual. This is an "economic war": Last year, the world meet economic crisis due Singapore sponsored to protest in Hong Kong to down the market share value to China. This crisis will continue to 2016 as prediction. China export down figure from 2.28 trillion in 2014 to 2.15 trillion in 2015. Thus, China have no choice to pressure the North Korea but China will get much more profit from such Economic War and War for Energy in South China Sea.


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