Friday, January 9, 2015

Army Calculation Formula

Add number of personnel in to column for estimate figure of army (Not armed force) * Regular Army/ Full Time Army consist of (1) Conscripts soldiers who might be 18 months or 2 years term services), and (2) Professional soldier who selected from the conscripts service. Professional army refers to army unit that produce service/product for sell like weapon manufacturer, military phone factory, military truck factory, military tank factory....) * Non Regular Army/Par Time Army, they are not in camp, university, combat field, front line, military institute. Their food and accommodation are at own home.
1 Regular Army-Conscripts
2 Regular Army-Professionals
3 Army
4 Navy
5 Air Force
6 Air Defense
7 National Guard
8 Ground Force
9 Reservists
10 Contracted Force
11 Provincial/Local Force
12 Constal Defense Force
13 Border Defense Force
14 Paramilitary
15 National Volunteer Force
16 Other
Sum : 0

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