Tuesday, July 12, 2016

South Sudan Civil War: 2013 to present

the Republic of South Sudan is newest state in this world as it have just declared in 2011 as an independence state from an umbrella of North Sudan leadership.

Sudan is an originated word of "empire for black people"

 The republic consists as many states of 21-28 states, is home for number of ancient kingdoms. These are an example of related historical maps

Current map of South Sudan
Sudan religion

Sudan leaders vs religion practice
 With regards to both leader's religion, roman Catholicism is their. Thus, religion war is not a main criteria. 
The vice president propose to administrate just 10 states among 21 states of current situation.

The president, on the other hand, had signed a decree of 28 states rather than 21 in South Sudan.  Thus, what is a trick of these two people? --- for vote strategic management!. 
Due to such political conflict, it is fueling into civil war . Please see map below.
Can UN agencies solve their problem? No way.

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