Friday, February 12, 2016

Park Geun-hye -- South Korea President

Park was born on 2 February 1952, in Samdeok-dong of Jung-gu, Taegu, as the first child of Park Chung-hee, the 3rd president of South Korea who served between 1963 and 1979, and Yuk Young-soo. She has a younger brother, Park Ji-man, and a younger sister, Park Geun-ryeong. Park has never been married.
In 1953, Park's family moved to Seoul and she graduated from Seoul's Jangchung Elementary School and Sungshim (literal: Sacred Heart) Girls' Middle & High School in 1970, going on to receive a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from Sogang University in 1974. She briefly studied at the University of Grenoble, but left France following the assassination of her mother.
Park's mother was assassinated in the National Theater of Korea, Seoul, by Mun Se-gwang, a Japanese-born Korean, a sympathizer of North Korea, and a member of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, on 15 August 1974. Park was regarded as first lady until 1979 when her father was also assassinated–by his own intelligence chief, Kim Jae-gyu–on 26 October 1979.During this time, activists who were political opponents of her father, claimed to be subject to arbitrary detention. Further, human rights were considered subordinate to economic development.In 2007, Park expressed regret at the treatment of activists during this period.

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