Friday, July 8, 2016

Russia Reacts to South Korea's THAAD System Allocation

Today, the world still administrates their cities, states, kingdoms and empires as last centuries performance: Russia empire, China empire, United Kingdoms empire, United States empire, Islamic States empire, Roman Empire, Frank Empire, Christian States empire, Buddhism empire, Hindu empire.... A common problem is that states/counties will joint any other empire if their previous empire go weak  ( some of states between NATO and Russia now are in trouble in selecting "empire").

Just very soon after an official agreement of US vs South Korea in allocating THAAD 's anti nuclear missile system, China responses it immediately. Russia, later do same reaction to such US military strategic (long term campaign) by warning that Russia would mobile their missile storages to nearby North Korea border.
Empire's Boundary of China, Russia, USA, Japan
 US' missile wall to defense their kingdoms ( Japan, South Korea, Taiwan....)
Capacity of such missile wall system
Missile capacity is one thing, the most threat today is radar capacity. Taiwan warning system can spy over 5,000 km range. It owned by US empire.

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