Sunday, July 24, 2016

South China Sea: 100 India Tanks Deployment

What are an India military strategic for? Part of India state facing rebel groups of which favorite to China government. India, USA and part of ASEAN planned China survive without sea. In coping to this matter, China had build own Navy base in India border. Thus, in short, India wish war happen in south China sea rather than in their border's state. if war happen, civilian will be a victim, as result their will vote for " opposition" party. India is democracy land, war is bad things for election result.  
 China Navy route
 If war happen, long range missile will be in used.
 ASEAN can not be a "consensus, 100% or 10/10 states" because Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia have no rival benefit from " rapping global navigation zone" for own property purpose.

India, so far, had been rejected the US proposal in joint navy patrol in South China Sea but this month India did, that means India is ready for war

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