Friday, July 15, 2016

Why Turkey's Coup d'État Failed

Main factor for counter coup in Turkey is social media at the time that Turkey president had attacking Social media for years.

Turkey has experienced military coup by Friday 15 July 2016, it was ended by today of Saturday 16, July 2016 after the president using Sky social media to cope with cut off TV channels by the coups supporters.

 The coup leader had been informed to public by the prime minister and president, he is living in the USA land in July 15, 2016 while the Turkey president is in Mammari city, Turkey.

Coup makers failed in making bomb explosion at the hotel where the president stay (1). A stolen helicopter by coup group had been fired down by F-16 of Turkey air force (2) and mass of civilian come into street immediately after getting call from the president via Skype (3). At the same time, police and armed forces had arrived in strategic points (4). As result, the Turkey president now control a situation.


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