Thursday, August 18, 2016

B-52 Bomber

It is interesting in looking politic and warfare around the South China Sea. There has been reporting that 2 B-52 bombers moving to Guam base. This report makes people remember the war in Vietnam, where 34 of B-52 had destroyed. As today a report said that 77 of B-52 listing in state air force inventory while other report noted that only 44 items. It is clear that B-52 now age at over 60 year old, thus 02 making into 01 is a survival maintaining method.

B-52 bomber coming to Indo Asia Pacific is to prevention and intervention to China mission ( Bomber Assurance And Deterrence's mission" but how can it makes China afraid of?

Concept: Air defense missile can hit moving ballistic target at 100 km long as today of fiscal year  2016, thus, the concept of anti-air defense system is anti-radar missile of which could destroy an enemy asset from 150 km distance.

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