Thursday, August 4, 2016

F-35 Business

Making business in producing F-35 combat aircraft had been facing a trouble many year ago between producer and buyer. The contract costs was 400,000 millions for 2,457 aircraft.
Cost Benefit Analysis: 6 aircraft charge 1 million per 24 hours ( in waiting for golden time, they must in 24 hours preparation) while F-35 will charge 1,6 million for same period.
The margin costs would be $162,800,1623/unit. The given price to buyer as today vary from $200-$300 million/unit. This is an idea of buyer reject to pay for.

The users are air force, the business of air force is that $ 01 million/mission.  A mission 's package for bombing is 06 aircratf ( 01 bomber, 01 reserve, 04 fighters, and 01 bomber). F-35 can work alone, that means other aircraft has no job. Not only F-35 but F 22 also facing the same problem due to such " conflict of interest". Video Clip   

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