Wednesday, August 24, 2016

South China: Problem of Rename

South China Sea is a problem. The law of the sea is problem. Moving troop into South China Sea is problem... Changing this name into local language will face new problem. It, then, became a problem of problem of South China Sea. Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia has suggested for change name.

  • Chinese: 南海 meaning of South China Sea
  • Vietnamese: Biển Đông meaning of East Sea
  • Malay:Laut Cina Selatan meaning of South China Sea
  • Indonesia: Laut Tiongkok Selatan meaning of South China Sea

With the above problem, they willing to change into their:

  • Sea of Vietnam,
  •  Sea of Philippine,
  •  Gulf of Siam---Moving into Gulf of Thai-land.
  • Phreah Vihear -- moving into Pra Viharn?

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