Monday, December 5, 2016


There is no scientific report being share to readers because the military affairs is subject to secret to public. The UN reports a "near figure" of Iraqi military casualty but no data from the ISIS and opposition parties that is a main problem of UN report system. Iraqi  itself provides too much manipulate data to their soldiers by saying that ISIS do have only 3000 soldiers guarding the Mosul: 30km * 4= 120km ( 120,000m/40m= 3,000 soldiers or 40m per soldier. Unfortunately, the ISIS employing 10m per soldier, thus the number would be 12,000 soldiers of ISIS at the time that Iraqi, US, UK and allies force account of 100,000 troop. Mosul offensive take 2 months time with a little progress.

No progress report from the field: ISIS do not withdraw force from Mosul but adding more troop; there is no joint-hand of Iraqi with Kurd but competition to control the Mosul.

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