Tuesday, October 24, 2017

SAM កាំជ្រួចដី អាកាស

"It's time to clean up the stones, and time to build stones; time for war, and time for peace. "

Today I start a series of entries about the things that surround me most of the time. So, the first article on SAM systems or surface-to-air missile systems.

S-75 Dvina SAM
The mobile anti-aircraft missile system S-75 Dvina is deployed for the international joint military exercises Bright Star '85.
Anti-aircraft missiles 1 consist of means of transportation and loading SAMs ( SAM transloaders or technicals , that, in general, refers to any auxiliary machines operating in conjunction with SAM ) (surface-to-air missile), launcher ( launcher ) ZUR themselves, The acquisition radar , the IFF responder , the missile guidance and control system , the target tracking means / engagement radar , the means automatic tracking of a rocket (missile tracking means / engagement radar ) (with the exception of homing missiles) and equipment functional check equipment .

The first question is aiming at the target. If you do not go into physics, then, in fact, the method of proportional approach is a common method of homing, while the remaining methods are its derivatives.

Guidance methods

  • proportional convergence / method of proportional navigation (ProNav, PN) , in which the angular velocity ( angular velocity ) of the vector velocity of the rocket ( missile velocity vector ) is proportional to the angular velocity of the line of sight ( line of sight );
  • method of chasing / tracking method ;
  • method of direct guidance / direct Guidance ;
  • convergence of the parallel method / constant bearing navigation ;
  • three points method / three-point guidance ;
  • method of three points with the parameter / three-point guidance with parameter ;
  • guidance method angle anticipation / the lead-angle method .
  • General information and configuration

ZUR vary in location-based ( ground-based / sea-based ), range / weight and height lesion 2 (heavy long-range , medium-range , short-range MANPADS ), the maximum speed of the targeted objectives ( engaged targets ) and principles run ( launch methods / launch techniques .

Also anti-aircraft guided missiles can be divided into several types by their arrangement ( aerodynamic configuration ):

normal ( tailplane configuration with front and rear stabilizers fins ) and tailless ( tailless );
duck ( canard with forewings (front fins) and rear stabilizers );
pivoting wing ( tilting wing );
bearing cone ( lifting cone ).
Missile itself consists of a glider ( airframe ), the engine ( engine; missile can have two stages - sustainer & booster ), autopilot ( autopilot system ), giroinstruments ( gyrounits ), pneumatic and electrical sources ( air and power supply systems ), guidance equipment or receiving radio commands ( guidance and control equipment ), the contact and non-contact fusing ( impact / contact / DA and non-impact fuzes ), a warhead with a charge ( warhead with payload ).

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