Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Vietnamese SU-30 went missing

Hanoi, June 14,2016 (IANS) A Vietnamese SU-30 went missing while training offshore in the country's central Nghe An province on Tuesday morning, the media reported. There were two pilots aboard the jet, Xinhua news agency reported.

Vietnam in air force modernization approach had purchase number of Su 30 , multiple combat aerial which known as Fighter (F) and Bomber (B) from Russian military industry market for national defense inventory program. It costs around 11 million without software or weapon. The package costs is around 15 million per unit for just fighter and upkeep (maintaining in good condition). One SU 30 for full operation ability price per unit could be USD 53 million.

Two of Su 30 just arrested couple days ago in Vietnam by heavy Russia Aircraft cargo, media reports.

In 2009, Vietnam ordered 8 Russian Su-30MK2V Flanker fighters with a value of US$400-500 million (without weapons). Russia completed and handed over to Vietnam the 8 aircraft in the period 2010-2011. In February 2010 Russia and Vietnam agreed to a US$1 billion deal for another 12 Su-30MK2V aircraft, this time with weapons. Russia transferred 8 planes to Vietnam in 2011, with 4 Su-30MK2V scheduled to be delivered in 2012. 935 Fighter Regiment seems to have moved to Bien Hoa by 2009. In 2011, all Su-27s were transferred to 940 Fighter Training Regiment at Phu Cat, leaving only Su-30MK2Vs on 935 Fighter Regiment’s roster. From June 2011, 923 Fighter Bomber Regiment at Tho Xuan replaced its obsolete Su-22s with Su-30MK2Vs, with a dozen delivered. However, in early March 2012, one Su-30MK2V crashed during flight tests, Global Security said.

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