Thursday, May 12, 2016

Obama: Change Big War into Small War

There had been talking around cafe, internet shops, social media on small war of American military concept. Number of comparisons USA Vs Russia special operation force in Syria and Iraq where theories and last advanced military tools had testing in place. It results to change the concept of big war into small war now.

The world eyes on Best Practice of Russia Special Force at Syria and Iraq with small war while the USA/NATO is likely far low beyond of small war compliance.

What is small war about? It is an military assignment of Special Force of which it need sometime around 3 months ! for preparation at pre Big War and may be 1 week for Small War. That three months period of preparation could allow terrorists change their face appearance, or run away from selected target area. Small War will need small team, shorter time arrangement and use of local spy agent to be sensor! ( see below schema at point no 3) The US is frequently drop an expensive bombs ( 1 million/mission) at wrong location, could not identify ISIS, rebels, government force separately.This challenge facing cause by " not using local intelligent" to report geographical area.      

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