Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nuclear Race under Counter Ballistic Missile Wall

 It is about Counter Missile Wall or Space defense Missile or Counter Nuclear Missile. It is fueling by the NATO/USA with the CSTO/Russia/Iran allies. An ordinary people saying this event as Nuclear Racing.

Nuclear weapon race: race is competition in running, not a slow marathon. Nuclear race sine cold war era had downed the image of former of Soviet Union into Russia Federation as today: Russian state was the richest among 15 other states members, was responsible to pay all cost of weapon development project, let said 100 million dollars from Russia pocket alone at the time that USA was leader of rich states in America and European Union, were assigned to contribute “ just small budget 100million/20 states” for weapon building competition. That is reason of Soviet Bankrupt.   Now look at cost of counter missile wall done by NATO:
  • Common Center based in Romania costs 800 millions USD; 
  • 02 early warning radar system at Turkey and US cost 2000 millions
  • 04 counter missile sets cost  4000 millions.  
The total cost is around 7 billions!
Russia/Iran Counter Nuclear Wall

NATO/USA Counter Nuclear Wall

Concept Radar Basic

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