Sunday, July 17, 2016

Turkey at Crossroad

Turkey president, the top leader, had governing their people into crossroad. It is likely a bad leadership? Turkey president cut off military relation with the US by 2015(1). Turkey president had ordered his army to down the Russian Jet fighter (2). Turkey president had assisting the ISIS in Syria and Iraq(3). Turkey president agenda is in unclear atmosphere of NATO vs European Union Forces.
The European Forces have no a agenda for making war against Islamic Military Alliance (4). Turkey's politic has forced the UK to vote for Brexit (5). Turkey military coup failed will continue their military/political campaign against its president political agenda (6).  Turkey president, due to military coup leader living in the USA, said that US is not a friend.  

With the above 07 factors, The Turkey empire (The Ottoman Empire)  will be in trouble like Kashmir, the wall between India and Pakistan.
 Turkey parties agenda conflict map.

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