Monday, July 18, 2016

Turkey: NATO Membership Requirement

The US high official said that Turkey installation of penalty death after coup will impact to NATO membership.

Why is this a matter? The problem is that NATO is consider as Christian Club while Turkey is Islamic Club ( Sunni Club in fact). Why the Turkey's president was  elected in atmosphere of "democracy?" 93% supported voters are Sunni sect same as ISIS/ISIL, this is an idea.
Turkey's politic is to free from NATO (Christian Club). The president attacks USA and NATO verbally  as saying NATO is Christian Club, and added that Islamic sailors had found America continental at 300 years before Christopher Columbus.
      Penalty death is practical measure for controlling the lands/kingdoms that we gained from ancient wars of Islam but not for other religions. please looking at origin of Turkey sine 1930
If Turkey president forces the US and NATO more and more to leave out the state, states separation will be in place to safe the Nuclear Weapon Storage of NATO/USA force.

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