Sunday, August 7, 2016

Thailand: Constitution Referendum Vote

Two questions for voters:

1) Do you approve or disapprove of the draft constitution?
Yes (62%) No (38%)

2) Do you approve that for contributing continuity of the country reform according to the national strategic plan, it should be stipulated in the Transitory Provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand that for the duration of 5 years from the first sitting of the National Assembly under this constitution; the joint sitting of the two chambers of the National Assembly shall convene to consider approving a person to be appointed as the Prime Minister?
Yes (58%) No (42%)

Difference of 2007 vs 2016 draft is that 250 members of Senate will be approach  ( not 150 members, nor election). After this referendum, the senate will appoint prime minister for 5 years term)

Eligible Voter: 50,585,118 people
Registered Voter: 27,623,126 persons

Vote Result: Yes 62%
            No: 38%

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