Sunday, August 28, 2016

Indonesia to Purchase Ten Su-35

Indonesia expects to sign a deal with Russia to purchase 10 most advanced Su-35 Fighter and Bomber jet.

Role                        Multirole Air superiority fighter
National origin Soviet Union Russia
Design group         Sukhoi
Built by                 Komsomolsk (KnAAPO)
First flight              Su-27M: 28 June 1988
Su-35S:                 19 February 2008
Primary user         Russian Air Force and China Air Force
Produced               Su-27M:  1988–95
Su-35S:                  2007–present
Number built        Su-27M: 15
Su-35S:                Unit cost US$40 million to $65 million
Developed from      Sukhoi Su-27
Variants                 Sukhoi Su-37

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