Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Japan protests after Chinese warship sails near disputed islands

Update (July 13, 2016) : The Sea Court yesterday ruled that China loss its claim by saying that China has no proved " historical rights". What is historical rights? it is the UN law mandated 1861-1931. This law is link to the Sea Law of 1982 of which both China and Philippine had been signed.  Please take a look at UN members at that given time compare to today 05 UN permanent security members.
Atlas World Colonization is baseline for Historical Profile
Term or Key Words using by the Court

ASEAN member states

Philippines celebrates victory in South China Sea case, despite China's refusal to accept result!!  Why? they yet consult to a precise map?
China, as response to the court decision, had voiced that China will not accept it. Phillipine had contact to China before court rule for jointed venture project.
How about Vietnam position? how about a free ocean space?--- without owner!!

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Permanent Court of Arbitration is in pending the case of Philippines vs China
Current military deployment

It is result of Japan Empire action

China in history, human, laws and mixed of the three
other treaty

Taiwan in history, human, laws and mixed of the three

Philippine in history, human, laws and mixed of the three
1/ Treaty Paris 1898
2/ Treaty of Washington, 1900
3/  the Philippine Archipelago and the State of North Borneo

Vietnam in history, human, laws and mixed of the three
Vietnam had quoted as saying their fisherman had lived in those areas sine 17th century.

Malaysia in history, human, laws and mixed of the three. It is based on laws and human factors ( army forces in administrating 03 islands from 1979, 1983, and 1988)
 General water/coastal conflict in ASEAN members

China views over Malaysia view on South China Sea

Brunei in history, human, laws and mixed of the three: Brunei and Malaysia also agree to the International Law of which they address distance of 200nm ( 370km) from coastal state boundary.

Country Name: CHINA Number Troop
Total population 1,367,485,388
Available Manpower 750,000,000
Fit for Service 619,000,000
Reaching Military Age Annually 19,550,000
Active Frontline personnel 2,335,000
Active Reserve personnel 2,300,000
Ground  Force/Army (active) 1,600,000
Ground Force (reserve) 510,000
Air Force (Reserve) 127,360
Air Force (Active) 398,000
Maritime Force/NAVY (Active) 255,000
Maritime Force/NAVY (Reserve) 81,600
Army Rocket Force (active) 100,000
Army Rocket Force (reserve) 32,000
Regular Army-Conscripts
Regular Army-Professionals
Available for military service
Air Force
Air Defense
National Guard
Ground Force
Contracted Force
Provincial/Local Force
Coastal Defense Force
Border Defense Force
Paramilitary/National Volunteer Force
TOTAL 27,288,960

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