Friday, July 7, 2017

Term of War/ Scope of War

The last seven years was the Disagreement of Prasat Preah Vihear registration to the UN World Heritage List. It was the step to war as you see in that below figure. The war resulted thousand death and causalities from both side but because of term concept, still many Cambodian talking of Border War while other mentioning of Border Clash. They mean of border clash for idea of Cambodian armed force are weak compared to Thais armed force, and opposite idea for border war.
Okay, now we gonna look back to the given term use so far whether a positive or negative for our soldiers. The border clash, frankly speaking, it means of very small portion of weapon and low volume of armed force to challenge to Cambodian armed force. On the other hand, border war refers to large number of Thais armed forces, including modern weaponry and high tech as well. In depth, it means that Cambodian armed force is strong to confront the Thais armed force!. 

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