Friday, December 1, 2017

Korean People's Army Strategic Force

កូរ៉េខាងជើងប្រកាសពីជោគជ័យក្នុងការបាញ់ បញ្ជូន ក្បាលគ្រាប់នុយក្លេអ៊ែរចម្ងាយឆ្ងាយ ឈ្មោះ ​Hwasong 15 ។

The Strategic Rocket Forces (Chosŏn'gŭl: 조선인민군 전략로케트군, Hanja: 朝鮮人民軍 戰略로케트軍),[2] also known as Missile Guidance Bureau (Chosŏn'gŭl: 미사일지도국; Hanja: 미사일指導局) is a military branch of the Korean People's Army that oversees North Korea's nuclear and conventional strategic missiles. It is mainly armed with surface-to-surface missiles of domestic design as well as older Soviet and Chinese models. The Missile Guidance Bureau was established in 1999 when several missile units under KPA Ground Force Artillery Command were re-organized into a single missile force

ឈ្មោះកាំជ្រួច ចម្ងាយ ល្បឿន កាំជ្រួចកូរ៉េខាងជើងមានលទ្ធភាពផ្ទុកក្បាលគ្រាប់នុយក្លេអ៊ែរ
Korean People's Army Strategic Force Capable for Nuclear Warhead Transport 
Hwasong-1,artillery rocket,< 50 kmSpeed m/unknown
Taepodong-2,technology demonstrator[19],up to 10,000 km; 6,700 km averageSpeed m/s 8,000 
Taepodong-1,technology demonstrator,2,500 kmSpeed m/s 7,900,000 
Silkworm KN-1,anti-ship cruise missile,110[11]–160 km – 180–300 kmSpeed m/s 274 
Scud-ER 1,SRBM,700 kmSpeed m/s 1,700 
Rodong-2,MRBM,1000 - 2000 km 3000Speed m/unknown
Rodong 1,MRBM,900[9]–1,500 km[1]Speed m/s 2,400 
Pukguksong-2,IRBM,3000Speed m/unknown
Pukguksong-1,SLBM,1000 km[11]Speed m/unknown
Persian Gulf (missile),artillery rocket ASBM,< 360 km (300)Speed m/unknown
P-15 KN-1,anti-ship cruise missile,110[11]–160 km – 180–300 kmSpeed m/s 308 
OTR-21 Tochka,Advanced SRBM,≈70 km (500 kg payload)Speed m/unknown
Luna-M,artillery rocket,< 100 kmSpeed m/s 1,200 
Kumsong-3,Cruise-Missile,130–250 km[50]Speed m/unknown
Kumsong-2,anti-ship cruise missile,110[45]–160 kmSpeed m/unknown
Kumsong-1,anti-ship cruise missile,110[45]–160 kmSpeed m/unknown
KN-11,SLBM (tested),2000 4000 (half w diff prop) - 8760 km (R29 KN08)Speed m/s 8,061 
KN-08 Toksa,,12000Speed m/s 4,500 
KN-08,IRBM ICBM (untested),2000 – 12000 kmSpeed m/unknown
KN-02 Toksa,Advanced SRBM,≈70 km (500 kg payload)[9] or 120–140 km[16]Speed m/s 240 
Hwasong-9,SRBM,1,000 kmSpeed m/unknown
Hwasong-7,MRBM,900[5]–1,500 kmSpeed m/unknown
Hwasong-6,SRBM,500 km[5]Speed m/unknown
Hwasong-6,SRBM,500 km[9]Speed m/s 1,115 
Hwasong-5,SRBM,340 km[19]Speed m/unknown
Hwasong-5,SRBM,330 kmSpeed m/s 1,715 
Hwasong-3,artillery rocket,< 100 kmSpeed m/unknown
Hwasong 15 មានល្បឿង ៨១០០ម/វិនាទី The Hwasong 15 has speed at 8100m/second
Hwasong-14,ICBM[32],6,700-10,000 kmSpeed m/unknown
Hwasong-13,IRBM/ICBM,2000 – 12000 km[citation needed]Speed m/unknown
Hwasong-12,IRBM/ICBM,5000–6000 km[30]Speed m/unknown
Hwasong-11,SRBM,≈70 km (500 kg payload)[5] or 120–220 kmSpeed m/unknown
Hwasong-10,IRBM,2,500–4,000 km[26]Speed m/unknown
Fateh-110,artillery rocket SRBM,50 150 - 350 kmSpeed m/s 3,000 
BM25 Musudan,IRBM (untested),2,500–4,000 km[24]Speed m/s 1,372 
2K6 Luna,artillery rocket,< 50 kmSpeed m/s 1,100 

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