Monday, October 23, 2017

23mm ammunition

  • OZT HEI-T 175 690 Two sectioned thick walled shell with A-23 impact fuze and tracer. Czech variant with tracer self destruction and fuze NZ 231 or NZ 231A exists
  • BZ API 200 610 With hard steel core and incendiary in windshield cap
  • UB TP Airburst 175 690 Polish HE shell for aerial target practice, light blue fuze tip, powder delay fuze S-23 without impact action. Czech variant with dummy fuze plug and tracer self destruction also exists
  • LP TP 175 690 Inert filled OFZ shell, inert dummy fuze
  • LP TP 200 610 Blunt nose mild steel shot with windshield cap

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