Monday, November 13, 2017

ការក្លែងភេទប្រើ តិចនិក Technical Means

When we start discussing technical means, we are getting into some real high tech stuff. A few years ago these were things you only saw in your most creative sci-fi movies. Now these things are really out there. The key in using technical means is ensuring your opponent has the capability to collect these indicators. Why initiate these indicators if the enemy cannot pick them up?

In regards to technical means, there are many possibilities. Below you will find some examples of technical means (Please do not scoff too much – these means are out there):

  • Use of radiation.
  • Emission or suppression of chemical or biological odors.
  • Emission or suppression of nuclear particles.
  • Deliberate reflection of energy.

We know these means are a bit out there. However, if you digest it a bit; they are certainly feasible if both sides possess the necessary technology to deliver and detect the indicators.

There is one category of technical means that is not so hard to fathom. This is the use of multi-media in deception. Within this area, there are certainly the obvious mediums of radio, television, print media, and of course, the internet. Multi-media have been used significantly in the past and will be used even more in future deception operations.

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