Tuesday, November 14, 2017

India Interested S-400 Space Defense

S-400, the Russia made space defense missile is acquired by the National Defense of India for skies guarding mission for counter to possible treats from China and Pakistan. There has been installing two system based over the India territory: (1) The base air defense zone for barrier at ground vital sites such factory, nuclear facility, air port, hydro power station and (2) the air defense ground environment system which allocating along state border line. The above two system had been designing, during the cold war era,  for air defence purpose that only capable to attack the fix or mobile targets at an altitude up to 40 km.
 Difference of Air Defence and Space Defense System

As of globalization and an emerging of information technology of today atmosphere, enemies could employ an advance tools to destroy any point from long distance of some of 1500 km at very high accurate probability. Those killing tools machine can be listed as drone, suicide air plane, intercontinental ballistic missile, long and medium cruise missile at a given altitude above 40 km.

 Difference of Air Defence and Space Defense System

In brief, the S-400 is for space defense purpose, not an air defense project assignment. Pakistan had tested its missile in 1999 that could carry a nuclear warhead at range of 2,000 km distance. China also confirmed by report media that it long range missile could shoulder nuclear for destroy vital target at over 10,000 km long. Thus, at the time of NATO and the European states focusing on missile defense program or missile defense wall program, the Russia made S-400 had been scoring as advanced military devices that can penetrate “the wall” effectively

S-400 radar can detect long range target for further use of anti-radar missile

Poorly in Russia firing missile’s interception by most of military industry, it motivates buyers to procure for S-300 or S-400 for both air defenses as well as for space defense project.  Air and Space warfare is far beyond an comprehension of general militant, except those are interested in modern-military warfare concept.


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