Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Two of these forms is NON VIOLENCE at beginning time but often turn into VIOLENCE due to lost control of both event organizers and authorities. What things are happening in ASEAN states?

After Myanmar protests, China says companies should respect laws:China has consistently demanded its companies operating abroad respect local laws, China's Foreign Ministry said on Monday after hundreds of villagers in Myanmar protested against the resumption of operations at a Chinese-backed copper mine

Vietnam police break up protest over fish deaths: Protesters gather once again in Hanoi accusing Taiwanese company of causing mass fish deaths.
Philippines election: Populism, celebrity and ugly realities

Thailand won't demolish mini-Preah Vihear : Large people visit the Peah Vihear Replica to support the Army Idea: The army will keep its scale replica of Cambodia's Preah Vihear temple ruins after all, not dismantle it, but it is closed to visitors. The mini-Preah Vihear would not be demolished, as announced earlier,...

Police in Cambodia detained eight activists, including two Westerners, who wore black clothing in a peaceful protest Monday in support of human rights workers who were jailed last week, a rights advocacy group said. They were released after being held for several hours.

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