Sunday, May 8, 2016


Part of Turkey is in Asia while the rest is in Europe. Turkey is member of NATO. Turkey is make money through migration land ports and sea ports to EUROPE. Turkey is Migrants 's Suppliers to Europe. Migrants must pay money to Turkey for moving purpose either immigration or emigration.

Why is migrants 'crisis? the answers would be migrants encompass with (1) refugee, (2) Asylum, (3) economic migrants and (4) in camp refugee . Reader may guest which group is the most vulnerable target? It is in camp refugee because their have no money, no means to escape to Europe states.
These are an idea for MOU of turkey and Europe signature. Europe forced Turkey to (1) receive back migrants from Europe states, Greek... and not to further distribute migrants to Europe. Last years, a combatant from ISIS/ISIL also among the migrants to Europe !!! that is a pure migrant crisis for 2016 fiscal year.
ISIS, soldiers also among the migrants!
Example of migrant crisis

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