Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kurd Vs Turkey War

This post aiming to address two points namely (1) politic of Turkey and (2) Man Portable Missile for counter helicopter/aircraft in use by Kurdistan. Such below map illustrate the Goal/Mission of Kurd in declaration an independent Kurdistan.

Kurdistan will eat land of Turkey, Iraq and as well as Iran territory. It also explain of why Turkey always supporting to ISIS but attacking Kurd army? 
  The above map pinpoints a conflict of ISIS vs Kurdistan. 

This cartoon aims to demonstrate Turkey leadership in attacking Kurdistan. How Kurdistan setup its stance in responding to Turkey attack helicopter?-- Man Portable Missile is smaller and faster, easy to carry to hill/mountain.

Can helicopter escape this risk? No way, because low speed of attack helicopter is just around 131m per second compared to high speed of SAM is 750m/second. 
How MAN missile functioning? 

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