Friday, August 19, 2016

People Care of World War III

The world war II resulted 2 million of Japan soldier dead and 10 millions of Chinese soldiers. Japan employed some of 70,000 prostitutes for their soldiers. India recently reports of deployment sex-front line to their army by saying " A group of experts assigned to probe rising suicides among Indian soldiers in Kashmir have recommended sending the soldiers back to India at least once a month to be with their wives.  Since this is not possible, India’s military leadership has taken a leaf from the book of the old Soviet army:  A woman battalion at the war front.  A committee headed by a Lieutenant General of the Indian army is putting last touches on the new battalion.

If, the South China became of war battle, number of problem will be in place such as oil price increase, and prostitute inflation!.

 A recently study had suggested that 3,000 males truck drivers need 300 sex workers. Number of soldiers at South China Sea will be ask for the same figure?


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