Monday, November 13, 2017

បង្ហាញឲ្យខ្មាំងឃើញ Displays

ខ្មាំងបង្ហាញយន្តហោះចម្បាំងទំនើបៗ បំណងបង្ហាញឲ្យកំលាំងចាញ់ច្រាប ខ្លាច មិនហ៊ានប្រយុទ្ធ។ កំលាំងយើងជាការតប ត វិញ គឺបង្ហាញកាំជ្រួច ពី ដីទៅអាកាស កាំភ្លើងធំ និង យន្តហោះចម្បាំង ឲ្យខ្មាំងខ្លាចវិញដែរ។

ពេលវាយលុយនៅ Normandi ប្រទេសបារាំង សង្រ្គាមលោកទី ២ កងទ័ពសម្ព័ន្ធមិត្ត បានបង្ហាញពីការ ចាក់ទ័ពនៅ ខ្សែត្រៀមខាងក្រោយ ពេលនោះទ័ពអាឡឺឺម៉ង ចល័តទ័ពមកបន្ថែម កែនទ័ពបន្ថែម ពីតាមកងពលនានា (គោលបំណងនៃការ បញ្ឆោត គឺ ឲ្យខ្មាំងយល់ខុសពីទីតាំង ខាតបង់ធនធាន និង ខ្មាំងគិតថា យើងវ៉ៃច្រកនោះ៕)

  • ​ Displays. Displays are the simulation, disguising, and/or portrayal of friendly objects, units, or capabilities in the projection of the MILDEC story. Such capabilities may not exist, but are made to appear so (simulations). 
  • Displays are static depictions of activities, forces, or equipment for the​ purpose of deceiving the target’s collection apparatus.134 Though the formal Army​ definition of a display limits the type of target collection to visual, displays can also occur in all physical senses; as well, as in the electromagnetic spectrum. Displays are divided into two categories: simulation and portrayal. Simulations use decoys and other devices.
  • The other method of achieving camouflage is the display. Displays have an opposite objective from 2 concealment in that they are to draw the enemy's attention in order to mislead him. (21,98) Prior to the Normandy invasion dummy paratroopers . . .were dropped about 100 miles to the west of the main Allied landings to create an airborne diversion.
  • The French Chief of the Air General Staff was invited to Germany for a tour. He was given a mass bombing display, walked by rows of new fighters, and toured a state of the art aircraft factory. They took him up in a slow courier plane to view the factory from the air. As they were landing the pilot slowed to almost stall speed and a fighter streaked past at full throttle. Both planes l Anded and the general was told-the fighter was their latest production fighter and that three assembly lines would open for it within two weeks. Actually it was a prototype model and one of the only three that were ever built.

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